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Faruq repairing electrical appliances for last 33 years

  • 2022-06-22
Faruq repairing electrical appliances for last 33 years
Kirkuk, 2022: Faruq has been repairing household appliances for the last 33 years. Karwan Salihi
By Karwan Salihi in Kirkuk

My name is Farooq Mohammed Rashid, 50-years-old. I have been repairing household electrical appliances such as hair dryers and irons for more than 33 years.

I first worked as an apprentice in the Jutqawa Grand Bazar with my master Haji Sabir and later I became a master.

I have had my own shop in front of the Kirkuk Citadel for more than 30 years. It is two and a half meters by six meters area.

In addition to these two shops, I have two other warehouses with old and broken goods, some of which I use to repair other equipment.

The old devices were difficult to break, some of it were usable up to 20 years and still working, unlike the current devices that only work for one day and burn.


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