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Dates seller returns to Mosul Saray Bazar following reconstruction

  • 2022-07-20
Dates seller returns to Mosul Saray Bazar following reconstruction
Ninewa, July 2022: Mahmoud Abu Thamir behind sells dates at the Saray Bazaar in Mosul. KirkukNow
By Majid Al-Abaji in Ninewa

I am Mahmoud Abu Thamir. This small chart accompanied me for 40 years. I put dates on it in summer and a cylinder of Tamarind in summer.

My life began in the Bab Al-Saray Bazaar, where I worked, and I only stopped there for 3 years because of the war (against ISIS) and the destruction that befell it.

With the efforts of the shop owners, the market returned to how it was before and even tidier, and I did not wait a single day until I moved the cart from the Nabi Yunus Bazaar to here with the help of my son. I brought him to get to know this area of the old bazaar and learn to sell dates.

People know me in this market and I have clients that have been dealing with me for more than 20 years. It's true sales are down, but I'm very comfortable being associated with this place.

I stand in front of the Pasha Mosque in the middle of the market and Friday is considered a good day because people come to this historic mosque from all neighborhoods.

Dates have many benefits that cannot be counted, and feast days are considered a season for dates because women prepare Kilecha (cookies filled with dates and nuts). I sell it at a fixed price without an increase of 2500 Dinars per kilo ($1.7) and I hope the market sees a recovery so that I can stay here.


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