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Khalida: I turned surroundings of my caravan into a garden

  • 2022-09-11
Khalida: I turned surroundings of my caravan into a garden
Khalida Shammo, 28, in her garden in front of the caravan in which she lives with her family in Khanky camp for the displaced in Dohuk Governorate. KirkukNow
By Ammar Aziz in Duhok

My name is Khalida Shammo, I am 28 years old and I am from Shingal (Sinjar). I graduated from the Department of Psychology and have lived for eight years in Khanky camp for displaced people in Dohuk governorate.

When we came to this camp, there were no electricity generators, the summer was very hot and the hours of supplying national electricity were few, we had no place to go to rest, dust and dirt filled the place so I thought about creating a better environment and a place for rest and relaxation.

I started by planting some flowers in front of the caravan in which we live, and I have been working since March until the rains started (in October), my work was not easy but I did not give up.

The following year, I redoubled my efforts, and expanded the green area by planting different types of flowers. Whenever I felt tired, I would come to the garden and take care of it, and the smell of flowers made my heart happy. Step by step, it changed the caravan and camp environment as well.

Many other families have walked in my footsteps and planted the perimeter of their homes with grass, flowers and trees. What makes me happy is that my idea was credited with improving the scene of the camp.


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