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Abu Abdullah makes tools for farmers and builders

  • 2022-10-05
Abu Abdullah makes tools for farmers and builders
Abu Abdullah, 55, is a carpenter from Mosul that makes tools for farmers. Majid Al-Abaychi
By Majid Al-Abaychi in Ninewa

My name is Abu Abdullah Omari, 55. I have spent 25 years in the profession of making wooden tools for farmers.

My shop is near the old bridge of Mosul which is considered carpenters’ market for the number of farmers.

I have rebuilt my workshop by personal effort after it was destroyed by the war, but the work movement is weak compared to before ISIS entered. The state departments used to deal with us in purchasing the needs of their gardens and even the Department of Agriculture.

The lack of support for agriculture and farmers in the country greatly affected my work, as most of the farmers resorted to the military in hope of a monthly salary, and left agriculture after losing agricultural seasons due to the absence of government support.

Today, I mainly rely on the manufacture of construction tools, but I advise farmers to return to agriculture because it is permanent oil.


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