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Abu Omar weaves rosaries with old beads

  • 2022-10-08
Abu Omar weaves rosaries with old beads
Ninewa, 2022: Abu Omar Al-Subai Weave rosaries by his wrinkled hands. Majid Al-Abaychi
By Majid Al-Abachi in Ninewa

My nickname is "Abu Omar", I spent more than 30 years in the profession of weaving rosaries. I use old beads that I have kept for years and I have a lot of it.

There are many types of beads, and some of them are very expensive. The value of the rosary is measured by the quality of the beads. The people of the class know the value of what weave, but there are those who resort to buying the imported “Chinese” rosary because it is cheaper and the buyer sees it more beautiful, but it has no value.

Ahead of Daesh war, I was in the Haraj market, the center of the city of Mosul. The market was famous for this profession. I used to weave about 50 per day, or 100 sometimes, and I would fill a large cloth bag with rosaries (Sibha, Tasbih), and merchants would come from all over Iraq, especially the Kurdistan region, and they would buy the whole quantity from me.

Today, it has turned to another market in the Nabi Younis area, because the main market is still destroyed, and the turnout of people has become weak due to the invasion of imported products.

I will remain in this profession and in this session until the last day of my life, and I hope that day will not come unless I return to the old market.


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