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Mustafa prefers writing to banking
Mustafa Al-Lihebi and one of his books. Photo by Shalan Al-Hayalli.

Mustafa prefers writing to banking

  • 2021-02-27

Mustafa Ismael Al-Lihebi has got a degree n bank management yet he prefers literature and develop his skill in writing poems and stories. He defies his illness of spasticity and manages a volunteer team for cultural activities.

Lihebi was born in 1992 with brain spasm damage that hinder his movement and balance for standing and walking yet he successfully passed high school and got a degree in banking from University of technology in Mosul northern province.

He was working as sales representative for Forever company. Post-graduation, his passion for literature and books pushed him to quit and sell books via a page on Facebook.

In 2019, he founded a team named (Mutamayizoon, Uniques) with 10 members from students, graduates and amateurs specialized in writing stories about community, women and children.

One of the targets of the team is drawing personalities alike Marvel which produced Spiderman for Hollywood.


Lihebi siting on his wheelchair among his books in Mosul in February 2021. Photo by Shalan Al-Hayalli.

Lihebi and his team support beginner writers of stories and novels. They involve them in their free workshops and teach them the basic skills of art and literature to bot their potential. Lihebi’s ambitions transcends all the borders and want his writings to be read in English all over the world.

Lihebei has composed several books. “The spectrum of Nostalgia,” is a product of several years efforts in writing poems about the beloved with multiple colors and deep descriptions. “A poem about the dark age,” is a description of life under ISIS in 2014 in Mosul.

He has two books ready for printing. “Voices that never sleep” in cooperation with Uniques project and “the harp player.”

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-24 at 10.08.29 PM

Lihebi in a cultural event in Mosul in 2020.

Lihbebi and his colleagues plan to issue an electronic magazine that introduces new writers and their scripts, due to lack of funding. The group published “obsession of pens” which is a series of stories about current issues and “whisper of jars” which is a series of diaries by women writers.

Lihebi urges the younger generation to read and write despite his disability.


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