New developments on return of Peshmarga to Kirkuk revealed

Kirkuk- Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces stationed in Prde (Altun Kopri) sub-district after withdrawal of Peshmarga forces, October 20, 2017 Photo:KirkukNow


Deputy chief of staff of the Kurdish Peshmarga forces Qaraman Kamal has emphasized that top officials of the Kurdish ministry of Peshmarga and the Iraqi defense ministry are due to meet in the few coming weeks to discuss the possibility of the return of Kurdish Peshmarga forces to Kirkuk, indicating that no decision has been made yet on the issue.

Speaking exclusively to KirkukNow about the participation of the Peshmarga forces in the Iraqi joint operations command, General Kamal said, “We haven’t touched on the issue of our participation in the joint operations command whether directly or indirectly, and we do not know what would be the task of the Peshmarga in the command.”

He added that “the coordination between the Peshmarga forces and the Iraqi forces in Kirkuk and other disputed territories depends on the outcomes of the reports that will be prepared by sub-committees of both sides about the security situation in these areas.”   

Recently, the Kurdistan regional government (KRG)’s ministry of Peshmarga held a series of meetings with Iraqu defense ministry officials to discuss ways to jointly run the disputed territories, enhance coordination and form a special operations command.

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