In Pictures: Volunteers in Mosul’s Talafar bring life to their town and take stand for social cohesion

Ninewa- Talafar children take part in clean-up campaign, March 2019 Photo: Jafar Talafari

Ninewa- Jafar Talafari

Dozens of volunteers, including women and children took part in a large-scale clean-up campaign in western Mosul’s Talafar district.

During the 3-day campaign, which was funded by the International Organization for Migration, volunteers cleaned streets and painted pavements as well as the district’s eastern main entrance.

Talafar which has a mixed ethnic and religious make-up spent more than four years under the Islamic State group before it was recaptured by Iraqi forces in August 2017.

Participants aimed through this campaign to send a message of peaceful coexistence and social cohesion in the district.

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