Khanaqin: Unknown gunmen attack security checkpoint killing two policemen

Diyala- Police forces stationed in the center of Jalawla after it was retaken from IS, November 23, 2014 Photo: Hawre Azad

Hawre Azad- Diyala

Two police officers were killed three others injured when ungnown gunmen believed to be Islamic State (IS) militants attacked a security checkpoint manned by members of the emergency police.

The attack which late on Wednesday April 3, took place in Wadi Awsaj area located between Khanaqin and Jalawla in northeastern Diyala, a security source told KirkukNow.

Colonel Muhammad Tamimi, Jalawla police chief said, “The situation is calm in the center of Jalawla, no such incidents have occurred recently but remnants of IS launch sporadic attacks in the surrounding areas of Jalawla.”

Remnants of IS launch sporadic attacks in the surrounding areas of Jalawla

Security responsibly in the surrounding areas of Jalawla, a sub-district associated with Khanaqin is being undertaken by the Iraqi army and the federal police, while the center of the town is handed to local police.

Wadi Awsaj, where the attack took place, is located in eastern Jalawla on the main road linking Jalawla to Khanaqin.

Jalawal was controlled by IS in mid-2014 and was retaken from the group by Kurdish Peshmarga forces later that year.

The Peshmarga ran the security dossier in the area until October 16, 2017 when Iraqi forces returned to the territories disputed between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), including Khanaqin.

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