Rakan Saeed: Kirkuk not in danger of flooding

Kirkuk- Kirkuk acting governor Rakan Saeed al-Jiburi briefs reporters about flooding threats, April 6, 2019   Photo: Kirkuk governorate media


Acting governor of Kirkuk Rakan Saeed al-Jiburi emphasized that Kirkuk city and Prde sub-district are not prone to flooding due to the water released from Dukan dam in Sulaimaniya.

In a press conference, attended by KirkukNow correspondent, following his meeting with the province’s crisis cell on Monday April 6, al-Jiburi outlined the measures taken to prevent flooding in and around Kirkuk.

The acting governor stressed that “Kirkuk and Pirde (Altun Kopri) are safe from flooding”, indicating that the relevant departments are observing the amount of water released from Dukan and Dubz dams as well as precipitation around the clock.

Local authorities in Sulaimaniya has decided to increase the amount of water released from Dukan dam after heavy rainfall filled the dam reservoir causing lake water to pour on the streets.

Relevant departments are observing the amount of water released from Dukan dam

The excess water released from the dam streams into the little Zab which runs through Pirde sub-district in Kirkuk before it flows into the Tigris River.

Al-Jiburi said the issue has been discussed thoroughly by the crisis cell and that all preparations have been made by the government departments.

He urged the media to report the truth and not intimidate the public, noting that little damage has been inflicted so far and that no casualties have been reported.

Al-Jiburi indicated that necessary equipment have been provided to pump out flood water in several neighborhoods in Pirde, while a camp has been set up to shelter those who want to evacuate.

Heavy rainfall over the past few weeks has affected different parts of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, inflicting damage to bridges, roads, properties and IDP camps.


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