'ISIS' kills four people in a village in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, a security forces' checkpoint in Kirkuk, 2019. Photo: Security Forces Media

KirkukNow- Kirkuk

Numerous youth were killed and wounded in a shop in  Dibis district, northwestern Kirkuk, amid a gunman shooting.

The incident happened yesterday, Tuesday, February 18, in Chakhmahga village in Dibis district, 35km northwestern Kirkuk Province.

People of the village spoke to KirkukNow and stated that the gunman went to the shop and started shooting the people there, resulting in death of four people and wounding two.

The two persons were severely wounded and were immediately hospitalized.

A Security camera record, which was published on social media, shows that a gunman goes to the shop and starts shooting the people.

A security source, who is familiar with the incident, said, “the gunmen that carried out the attack were ISIS sleep cells and confronted the villagers.”

The source explained that Federal and Domestic Police and other forces were deployed to the village and had clashes with the gunmen for a while.”

According to preliminary information, which KirkukNow could not confirm, Ali Ahmad,22, Mahmood Ibrahim, 25, Ahmad Jasm, 21, and Mariwan Serwan, 25, were killed.

A villager, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “initially, ISIS entered the village with a mass shooting and later people to defend themselves confronted them.

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