Kirkuk: Security forces shoot into the air to disperse farmers' protest

Kirkuk, famers protests against the government as it does not purchase their wheat and barley, May 29, 2020. Photo: Kirkukow


The security forces of the 61st brigade dispersed a peaceful protest of farmers through shooting into the air and seized journalists’ cameras.

On Friday May 29, several farmers protested in front of the Kirkuk’s silo in the industrial areas against the federal government that does not purchase their wheat products.

Numerous farmers told KirkukNow that the government has planned not to purchase their wheat products because lentils have grown along and mixed with their wheat products.

One of the farmers said that when the government distributed the wheat seeds over the farmers, they were already mixed with lentil seeds, adding that it is not their fault and the government has to purchase their products.

After less than an hour of the farmers’ protests, the security forces of the 61st brigade approached the them and seized numerus journalists’ cameras, forcing them to delete the videos and pictures of the protest.

KirkukNow reporter said that the forces despite their attempts to prevent the media coverage, they also shot into the air to disperse the demonstrators.

The security members were around 30 personnel and returned the camera of the journalists after ending the protest. However, the forces did not attack or arrest journalists or farmers.

The 61st brigade, which belongs to the council of the ministers, has been deployed to the city for more than a year and has been in charge of the security apparatus of the city. The brigade is under the command of the Joint Operation Room.

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