Groom killed by father's celebratory gunfire

Kirkuk, the corpse of Salh Khdir Jasm, 17, is being autopsied, June 7, 2020. Photo: Exclusive to KirkukNow


A father killed his son, Salh, after his engagement and injured two of his other children as he fired “celebratory gunfire.”

The incident happened yesterday afternoon, June 7, in Hawija district, 45 km western Kirkuk, when the engagement finished and Salh with his family went home, where his father fired “celebratory gunfire” and killed him. The celebratory gunfire also injured two of Salh’s siblings.

A security force, who is familiar with the case, told KirkukNow that, “Salh Khdir, who was 17 years old, got engaged in Nida neighborhood in Hawija. After the engagement, they went home and his father started firing celebratory gunfire. One of the bullets hit Salh and he died immediately.”

On the same day, Salh’s corpse was autopsied and later his family collected his body.

Annually, tens of people are killed and injured by celebratory gunfire in Kirkuk to the degree that at least 24 people were killed and injured in 2014 and 2015.  

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