Ten high-level officials in Kirkuk caught COVID-19

Kirkuk, June 2020 - a meeting by Kirkuk's Crisis Unit discussing measures to halt the spread of Coronavirus - Photo by KirkukNow

Soran Mohammed - Kirkuk

Ten high-level officials in Kirkuk caught the coronavirus and one of them has died. Most of them work in security departments.

According to KirkukNow’s inquiries, in the months of June and July alone, 10 high-level officials caught the coronavirus. A number of them are receiving treatment, while others have recovered.

KirkukNow has required the information from Kirkuk’s Health Department and some officials in the city, which tells us that the following officials caught the coronavirus:
Kirkuk’s Chief of Police, Major General Ali Kamal;

the spokesman for Kirkuk’s Police, Brigadier Afrasiaw Kamil;

head of chief of police’s office, Major Ammar;

head of Kirkuk’s Emergency Police, Colonel Mazin Ghareeb;

former member of now-defunct Kirkuk administration, Jwan Hasan;

head of Anti-Domestic Violence Police, Brigadier Rizgar Tapalwee;

deputy Chief of Police of Laylan, Major Ashti;

commander of Unified Police 3rd Division in Hawija, Brigadier Fakhir Di’yar Ali;

Parliament member, Jamal Shukur.

The other official who caught the virus is Chief of Rashad neighbourhood’s police, Colonel Mu’ammar Ubaydi. He died last Sunday, 5 June.

A source within security forces stressed to KirkukNow that the number of infections among security personnel is high. And that it is due to being on the streets and in the markets during their continued duty to ensure the implementation of measures taken by Kirkuk’s Crisis Unit in order to prevent further spreading of the virus.

The first Coronavirus infection case in Kirkuk was recorded at the end of February this year. Since then there are 1661 registered cases, of which 87 have died, and 666 recovered and have left the hospitals.

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