Three handcuffed and blindfolded corpses found at a plantation in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, March 2020 - security forces in the city enforcing a curfew

Karwan Salehi - Kirkuk

Kirkuk Police have found the blindfolded and handcuffed bodies of the owner and two employees of a plantation.

According to a police source, the three were killed the same day they were found, yesterday 16 July 2020.

The source told KirkukNow: “The police went to the plantation after being informed, and found the three bodies there. One of them is the owner of the plantation, a Kurd named Nawzad Sabir, the other two are Arabs who were employees [at the plantation].”

All three were handcuffed with black plastic handcuffs

“All three were handcuffed with black plastic handcuffs, and blindfolded as well. There were pistol bullet holes on their bodies,” said the source who wished to remain anonymous because he didn’t have permission to speak to the press.

He added: “According to forensics, they were killed at noon today [16 July]. The culprits had even taken the hard drives connected to the surveillance cameras.”

Nawzad Sabir, his wife and their children are former refugees and hold German nationality. They returned to Kirkuk several years ago and established the plantation, which they named it after their daughter Chrakhan.

The two employees are Arab IDPs from Diyala province.

Police investigation is ongoing, and there are no leads so far.

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