ISIS flag raised: Seven killed and injured in clashes

Diyala June 2020 – commando unit on the outskirts of Khanaqin town – Photo by Ameer Khanaqini

Ameer Khanaqini - Diyala

After an ISIS flag was raised at a gravel and sand processing plant, Iraqi security forces clashed with unknown gunmen at a village north-east of Khanaqin district in Diyala province On Tuesday 21 July 2020.

Brigadier General Sargham Abid Khizir, commander of a Commando Brigade, told KirkukNow: “ISIS militants had raised their flag at a gravel and sand processing plant near the village of Shirk Ali Dawood. That’s why some of our units went there, but they were ambushed on their way and clashes occurred.”

The clashes led to the killing of on Iraqi soldier and wounding four others. According to Brigadier General Khizir, two ISIS militants were also killed.

The village of Shirk Ali Dawood is located in north-east Khanaqin district in Diyala province.

the plant where the ISIS flag was raised is 700 metres from the village

The village commissioner told KirkukNow on the phone that “the plant where the ISIS flag was raised is 700 metres from the village.”

These clashes come just a week after Iraqi forces declared the conclusion of operation “Heroes of Iraq - Phase 4,” in the region, which they claimed has weakened ISIS.

hez la xanaqi

Diyala June 2020 - Diyala, July 2020 - armoured vehicles of the units taking part in “Heroes of Iraq - Phase 4” operation in Khanaqin - Photo from Defense Ministry

The operation in Khanaqin district, which was overseen by Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kazimi, was concluded on 14 June 2020. Three suspected ISIS militants were killed and a number of the group’s hideouts destroyed.

Abu-Mustafa Ambagi, commander of 2nd Regiment of Iraqi Army, told KirkukNow on 15 June that “the operation will immensely weaken ISIS and reduce the number of their attacks.”

A day after the conclusion of the operation a farmer was killed and four others were wounded in an attack by unknown gunmen.

KirkukNow has learned that unknown gunmen are also active and have hideouts near another village in Khanaqin, namely the village of Glla in north-east of the district.

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