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KirkukNow Newsletter: Your monthly insight into Iraq’s disputed territories

Editor-in-Chief Salam Omer

Dear Friends of KirkukNow

KirkukNow brings you the stories that connect people and communities of Iraq; transcending language, ethnicity, and religion. As independent media slowly fades away in Iraq, KirkukNow strives to continue informing its readers and engaging communities of the nation’s disputed territories.

KirkukNow is an independent media outlet in Iraq. It reaches an audience of three million site visitors per year in four languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen and English. One significant challenge, among others, is how to survive as an independent publication and to sustain our efforts to bring our readers the most in-depth coverage of the latest news from the region.

In furtherance of this mission, we will now offer our readers the opportunity to receive a monthly newsletter from KirkukNow. We will provide the most recent insight and analysis on developments affecting minority communities, IDPs and other underprivileged groups living northern Iraq. In addition, we will soon ask that our readers contribute to KirkukNow. Such contributions will help ensure that we are able to protect our editorial independence and provide our readers with free access to the stories they care about.

We thank you for ongoing support and hope that our stories will continue to inform and inspire you.


Editor-in-Chief Salam Omer

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