Prominent Turkmen Front member buried in Kirkuk today

Kirkuk, 6 August 2020 – funeral procession of Hasan Ozman al-Bayati – Photo from Turkmen Front


The funeral and burial ceremony of Hasan Ozman al-Bayati, the former MP and candidate for the position of Minister of State for the Turkmen minority, took place in the city of Kirkuk on Thursday (6 August 2020).

The Turkmen Front issued a statement saying that the Turkmen movement in Iraq lost a prominent personality in the field of political, humanitarian and tribal work.

The statement mentions that al-Bayati was elected as a member of the second round of the Iraqi parliament in 2010, and that he was nominated by the Muhammad Allawi and Mustafa al-Kadhimi cabinets as a candidate for ministry positions.

The statement refers to al-Bayati's autobiography highlighting that he was involved in student and youth organizations since his early years, which forced him to flee outside Iraq after an arrest warrant was issued against him in the seventies, and taking refuge in Turkey.

And that in 1980 he fled to Syria to establish the Turkmen Democrats Organization in Damascus with his friends and the Iraqi opposition group known as the National Democratic Front, and then returning to Erbil after establishing the Iraqi Turkmen National Party headed by Muzaffar Arslan, which was a mainstay in establishing the Turkmen Front in Erbil in 1995.

statement by Turkmen Front on the death of Hasan Ozman al-Bayati
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