Viyan Dakhil: For how much longer do we have to beg for our citizenship?

Nineveh, August 2020 – Ezidi gathering during the religious Sharafdin Jama ceremony – Photo by KirkukNow


The Ezidi community complains of marginalization in obtaining government positions, as no Ezidi figure has been granted any position in the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

The former MP said in a statement that "Mr. Al-Kadhimi's steps to contain all the nation’s components deserve respect and appreciation; a ministry for the Turkmen, an endowment ministry and an advisor position for the Christian components in the Council of Ministers."

She adds: "Young women and men of the Ezidi community possess capabilities and deserve to be entrusted with great tasks so that they do not feel marginalized as they belong to this country."

At the end of her statement, she asks: "For how much longer do we have to beg for our citizenship?”

A follow-up to KirkukNow showed that the Ezidis do not hold high positions, even in places where they are the majority, such as the Shingal district.

According to statistics from the Shingal administration, out of a total of eleven civilian departments within the district, Ezidis head only three of them, while the rest are filled by individuals from other components.

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