IED explosion in Kirkuk: six wounded

Kirkuk, 23 August 2020 - aftermath of an IED explosion - Photo by KirkukNow

Goran Baban - Kirkuk

A religious Shi’a procession in Kirkuk's Qadisiya neighbourhood was the target of an IED explosion, which has resulted in wounding six individuals. Three of them are in critical conditions.

Saiyd Ala Musawi, the organizer of the procession, told KirkukNow that security forces had ensured their safety prior to its start.

The location of the explosion was near a roundabout at the main Bazar of the Qadisiya, which is a mixed neighbourhood; Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens reside there.

The explosion has caused a significant amount of material damage as well.

Security forces have closed off the area to conduct an investigation.

Aftermath of the IED explosion

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