Nineveh Police: ISIS bomb explodes near UN convoy

Nineveh, December 2017 – members of Nineveh Police in Mosul City – Photo from police PR

Ahmad al-Zaydi - Nineveh

Nineveh Police announced on Wednesday, the bomb that exploded near a UN convoy was one of the remnant ISIS bombs.

The incident occurred this morning (26 August 2020) near the village of Shaquli in Bartella District, east of Mosul City.

The statement by Nineveh Police read: "An explosive device from the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs exploded on the side of the Mosul-Erbil highway near the village of Shaquli in Bartella district, north [sic] of Mosul, near one of the vehicles of the United Nations organization."

Adding that “the IED was marked by a red flag by the demining teams.”

The statement also says that the driver of the vehicle was injured and has been taken to a hospital. And that prior to the explosion, the driver had stepped out of the car and stepped on the side road despite the fact that the area is prohibited to enter and the existence of a warning sign.

But a security force in Nineveh has told KirkukNow that medical workers of the UN’s WHO were the target.

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