Militants abduct and kill four villagers in Khanaqin

Diyala, March 2020 – securty forces during an investigation of an attack on a vilalge in Khanaqin District – Photo by Amir Khanaqini

KirkuNow - Diyala

The bodies of four villagers who were abducted by militants, were found yesterday morning.

The bodies were found near the Dakai Mala-Hamid village, which lies about 20 km from the town of Khanaqin.

A source from Khanaqin Health Department confirmed that the bodies had been taken to a morgue for autopsy.

The four were abducted during an attack by unknown militants (whom the villagers suspect to belong to ISIS) on the Dakai Mala-Hamid village on the night of 26 August.

no security force had gone to the place of the incident after it happened

A source from the village told KirkukNow that no security force had gone to the place of the incident after it happened.

The attack had started with two cars being ambushed and set on fire. As the villagers rushed to help, the militants opened fire, forcing the villagers to scatter and two of them, who are brothers, were taken by the militants along with drivers of the two cars they had set on fire.

According to the sources who spoke to KirkukNow, the four went missing until their corpses were found, and that the security forces didn’t start a search operation.

Several attacks have taken place in recent weeks despite assurances by security forces that they have weakened ISIS after their latest operation to sweep Khanaqin District and other disputed areas in mid-July.

Iraqi Federal Forces and Peshmerga Forces came to an agreement at the end of July to set up an operation room and coordination centres to fill the security vacuum.

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