Kirkuk oil revenue was about $150 million in August

Kirkuk 2014; an oil facility run by the state-owned Iraq’s North Oil Company. Photo by KirkukNow

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

The total export of crude oil from Kirkuk’s fields has reached about three million barrels, worth about $130 million.

According to numbers from the Iraqi Oil Ministry, the country’s total oil export has reached about 80.5 million barrels, making a revenue of about $3.5 billion.

Asim Jihad, the spokesman for the Oil Ministry, said in a statement that 2,989,400 barrels of oil from Kirkuk’s fields has been exported in the month of August, through Ceyhan port in Turkey.

Iraq’s crude oil has been sold at a price of $43.693 per barrel, which makes the total revenue from Kirkuk’s exported oil about $130 million.

In July, Kirkuk’s oil export was 2,701,015 barrels.

There are five main oil fields in Kirkuk Province: Avana, Bay-Hasan, Qubay-Baba, Jumbur and Khabaza, all of which are run by the state-owned North Oil Company.

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