Authorities confiscate 82 vehicles in Kirkuk within two days

Kirkuk, September 2020 – checkpoints set up by security forces to enforce regulations – Photo by KirkukNow

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

Within two days, security forces in Kirkuk have confiscated 82 vehicles and dozens of motorcycles for violating traffic and security laws.

Kirkuk’s Traffic Police, in cooperation with other security forces, launched an operation at the start of this month (September) to eradicate motorcycles without a licence plate, vehicles with tinted windows or without a licence plate, and other traffic violations.

fines were imposed for each violation ranging from 25,000 to 200,000 dinars [about $21 to about $168]

Brigadier General Jamal Hakim, chief of Kirkuk’s Traffic Police, told KirkukNow: "82 vehicles have been confiscated within two days, and fines were imposed for each violation ranging from 25,000 to 200,000 dinars [about $21 to about $168]."

The security forces set up temporary checkpoints inside the city of Kirkuk and were able to seize 8 vehicles with tinted windows, 64 unregistered vehicles, and 10 other vehicles driven by individuals without a driving licence.

"This campaign is for implementing the decrees by the Prime Minister and the Minister of The Interior, which stipulate that vehicles with tinted windows and those without a licence plate must be confiscated, regardless whether they belong to the government, citizens or security [forces].”

The chief of Kirkuk’s Traffic Policeadded that many checkpoints were set up by the Traffic Police in coordination with the Intelligence Service, the National Security, the Internal Police and other security forces.

Within the two days, 46 motorcycles have been confiscated, and 249 drivers have been fined.

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