Formation of new Shi’a Arab bloc in Kirkuk announced

Kirkuk, September 2020 – press conference for the announcement of the Arab Coordination Committee – Photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

The establishment of a Shi’a Arab bloc in Kirkuk was announced on Saturday, which includes a number of entities and individuals from the Arab Shi’a component in Kirkuk Province.

The forming of the bloc, which is called the Arab Coordination Committee, was announced during a press conference which KirkukNow attended.

Khaleel Aboudi, the bloc's secretary, told KirkukNow that they will be representing Shi’a Arabs in Kirkuk Province with the participation of Shi’a forces, notables and tribes in the region.

Aboud says that one of the main objectives of forming the bloc is to protect the rights of the Shi’a in Kirkuk, which according to him have been marginalized despite being one of the main components of the province.

He added that it is too soon to speak of taking part in the upcoming elections, but that they will take part if deemed necessary.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers has set 6 June of 2021 for the next parliamentary elections.

In the first statement issued by the bloc, they say that Shi’a Arabs have been deprived of proper representation, neglected in terms of government jobs and administrative positions.

There are two other Arab blocs in Kirkuk Province; the Arab Political Committee and the United Arab Front.

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