Content of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement on Shingal

image of the agreement content in Arabic


Yesterday (9 October 2020) an agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government for the instalment of a new administration in Shingal district and the normalization of conditions in the district was announced.

Translation of the agreement's content:

In order to restore security and stability and to normalize conditions in Shingal district, in accordance to the constitutional and judicial principles, to remedy the suffering of Shingal’s residents, in preparation for the return of the displaced persons and to reorganize the administrative and security framework in the district, the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government have agreed, in coordination with the United Nations Mission for Building Stability and Reconstruction, on the following:


1. The Administrative Aspect:

A) The selection of a new mayor for the district who possesses independence, professionalism, integrity, and admissibility within the constitutional and judicial mechanisms.

B) The other administrative positions will be considered by the joint committee formed by the two sides after appointing the mayor, provided that the principles of professionalism, integrity and social structure of the district are taken into account.


2. The Security Aspect:

A) No other entity, other than the Federal Police, the National Security and Intelligence agencies will be in charge of security inside the district. All other armed entities will be moved outside of the Shingal district.

B) Strengthening security in the district through the employment of 2500 members to the Internal Security Forces in Shingal, with the guarantee of fair inclusion of the displaced in the camps who are from Shingal.

C) Ending the presence of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) organization in Shingal district and its surrounding areas, and to prevent the organization and its offshoots from having any role in the region.


3. The Reconstruction Aspect:

The formation of a joint committee between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government for the purpose of reconstruction in the district, in coordination with the local Nineveh province administration. The scope of its authority and details of its tasks will be determined by the head of the prime minister of the Federal Government and the prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government.


4. For the purpose of overseeing what is mentioned in the administrative and security aspect sections above, a joint committee between the involving entities from both sides will be formed, to observe the implementation of the agreement content.



Representative for the Kurdistan Regional Government

Rebar Ahmad Khalid

Minister of Interior

1 October 2020


Representative for the Federal Government

Hameed Raseed Faleeh

Deputy Head of National Security Apparatus

1 October 2020

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