New Ezidi spiritual leader to be appointed soon

Shékhan, 2019 – Lalish Temple – photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz - Duhok

The Ezidi Spiritual Council will soon choose a new leader for the title of Baba-Shékh, the highest spiritual office for Ezidis, from three candidates who have nominated themselves.

According to tradition, a new Baba-Shékh must be appointed within 40 days after the death of the previous one.

Jawhar Ali, a deputy of the Mir of Ezidis, told KirkukNow: “It is true that the Baba-Shékh’s successor should be elected after 40 days, but we do not want to rush it. We want to choose someone whom all sides accept.”

The previous Bab-Shékh, Khurto haji-Ismael, died on 1 October at the age of 87 in a hospital in Erbil.

A new Baba-Shékh is expected to be appointed within two weeks.

“The final decision will be made within 10 to 15 days,” Ali added, “three people have nominated themselves for the position so far. I do not think that others will nominate themselves. The current candidates meet the requirements to become Baba-Shékh”.

The three candidates are Farhad Khurto Haji, Ali Elias Nasir and Azzam Sidiq Omar.

The Ezidi Spiritual Council, in consultation with the Mir of the Ezidis and a number of religious notables, will select a candidate.

The Mir of the Ezidis is internationally considered the representative of the community.

Most of Ezidis in Iraq reside in Shékhan and Shingal districts in Nineveh province.

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