Shingal residents take over checkpoint on Shingal-Tal Afar route

Shingal, 16 November 2020 – a number of Shingal’s residents take over a checkpoint – photo: KirkukNow


A number of Shingal’s residents took over a checkpoint between Shingal and Tal Afar as Iraqi army and Federal Police personnel withdrew.

The protest took this afternoon (16 Nov. 20) after Iraqi security forces refused to hand over the remains of a member of the Ezidi militia YBŞ (Shingal Resistance Units) who was injured in a Turkish airstrike on 8 November and later died at a hospital in Mosul. The security forces also detained three persons who were accompanying him.

KirkukNow correspondent reports that a number of Shingal district’s residents in protest stormed the checkpoint and took it over.

The Iraqi army and Federal Police personnel withdrew from the checkpoint.

The airstrike was in Shingal’s Sinuné subdistrict.

On the day of the airstrike, Khudéda Choki, the mayor of Sinuné subdistrict told KirkukNow that the target of the airstrike was a YBŞ base.

He requested the Iraqi government to take a stance against Turkey, because “the attack is a violation of Iraqi territory and has caused fear and panic among the residents.”

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