A displaced Ezidi missing since five days

Hassan Hussein Khalil, 42, is gone missing since February 2nd.

Ammar Aziz, Nineveh

An Ezidi displaced resident of an IDP camp is missing since five days. His relatives contacted security forces to find him as they could not gather any information.

Hassan Hussein Khalil, resident of Dawudi camp in Amedi District of Duhok Northern Province, left home on February 2 to Shingal district west of Mosul to head from there back to his work in Baghdad but he is gone missing up today.

Shamo Hassan Khalil, cousin of Hassan, said he left to Shingal to make some formal papers of one of his kids and from there to Baghdad but since then his phone is switched off and no news about him.

Khalil is born in 1980 in Siba Sheikh Khidir of Shingal. He is father of 4 sons and 5 daughters. He works for the army and his base in Baghdad.

His relatives informed Kurdistan region and Nineveh security forces about the case but no concrete information up to the moment. "We have heard he went missing in Shingal before heading to Baghdad," his cousin said.

Shingal is one of the disputed territories between Kurdistan region and Iraqi government. It is home for Ezidis, whom ISIS militants accuse of being defectors. In 2104, ISIS took control of significant cities of the north, committing atrocity crimes including genocidal acts against the Yazidi minority, centred around their centuries-old ancestral home of Shingal.

Tens of thousands of Ezidis fled their homes toward Kurdistan and still in living in IDP camps. Over 3,000 kidnapped women and girls are still missing after many were trafficked and enslaved in ISIS controlled Syrian territories. About 80 mass graves were found and so far one fourth of it has been exhumed.

Since the military defeat of ISIS, discord over security arrangements, public services, and the lack of a unified administration, have plagued victims and survivors. 

Shingal police say investigations are ongoing.

Natiq Allo Ahmed, media manager of Shingal police, said a son and a daughter of the missing displaced person contacted us to find their father.

"According to our information, we believe he is not in Shingal but on the way to Baghdad," Allo said. Investigations are ongoing and new information will be published, he added.

In October 2020, Iraqi government and the KRG signed Shingal agreement according to which they will appoint a new mayor and provide security through a 2,500 security unit of local members.  There was no room left for other militias like Popular Mobilization Forces PMF and pro-PKK groups yet the agreement is not implemented on the ground and the security situation is fragile up today.

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