Teenage girl student dead by hunting rifle in Kirkuk

Photo by Engin Akyurt from unsplash website.


A teenage student died for plying with hunting rifle in Kirkuk on Saturday, police says.

“The girl was playing with the rifle and pressed the trigger so a bullet shot her and passed away,” a source in Arafa police station of Kirkuk northern province anonymously told KirkukNow. The family live in Kurdistan (Faylaq neighborhood).

“We have questioned to the parents, siblings, and relatives. What we know is that she was playing with the gun and the incident was not on purpose yet the investigations are ongoing,” he added.  

The teenage girl student, 16, was in class 10 in Hateen high school. Mina Aziz, a classmate of the victim said, “I am sad for what happened to my friend. She had no any problem but she liked to experiment the things around her and she was experienced in everything.”

Despite the frequent death and suicide cases, Iraqi high commission for human rights has not presented any data in 2021. Sajjad Jum’a, in charge of Kirkuk office of human rights commission, said hey have no statistics because police is not cooperating.

The commission have recorded 65 cases of suicide in 2020 in Kirkuk, mainly women and. Kirkuk ranked the first in 2019 for 106 cases of suicide.

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