Press Release: not an option to doubt love for country and threaten our journalists

By KirkukNow

KirkukNow is a registered, professional and independent media outlet in Iraq. KirkukNow does not represent any political or religious worldview; it is not even an Arabic, Kurdish or Turkmen media organization, however, it only covers the developments in its targeted areas.

KirkukNow embraces one of the most diverse teams across the country, so it respects all the armed forces which defend the country and which are part of the Iraqi defense system. Our media outlet owns an independent newsroom with an independent editing policy, that’s why accepting pressure on our journalists is not an option; we use our editing language to the highest professional standards which enables us to use impartial terminologies in the news editing process.

It is crucial for everyone to know that KirkukNow does not hold any particular point of view about the content we publish and the views expressed on our platforms do not necessarily reflect the views of the KirkukNow team. We continue to serve our audience with the support of the Iraqi constitution, the law and the endless passion of our audience and it is not an option to allow anyone to doubt our love for our country and threaten our journalists.

We are from people to people.


Salam Omer

Editor-In-Chief, KirkukNow

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