Covid shuts school and classes in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, November 2021: A Student undergoes tests ahead of receiving Covid-19 vaccine by a mobile medical team. Media department of Kirkuk Health Department

By KirkukNow

The Crisis Cell in Kirkuk has decided to shut a secondary school in a district, along with two classes in a secondary school.

The decision to close Al-Hamsa High School for Girls in Daquq district south of Kirkuk has been taken following that tests showed that seven students were infected with the Corona virus out of 725 students.

An educational supervisor in Daquq anonymously told KirkukNow, "The closure will be for a period of two weeks, and this was decided based on a letter from the Crisis Cell in Kirkuk."

The Crisis Cell was formed last year in order to curb Corona pandemic and protect the public, an umbrella for a number of local officials from administrative, security and service state departments.

According to the cell's decision, once five or more cases of Covid infections are registered in any school, it will be shut for two weeks, in order to curb the spread of the virus.

This decision comes after the death of a student in Daquq High School last Saturday, November 27, two days after he received the Corona vaccine at school. The Iraqi Ministry of Health sent a specialized committee to Kirkuk to investigate the circumstances of the student’s death, while it was decided to close two classes in that high school until further notice.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health stipulated that teaching staff, workers in the education sector, and students 12 years and over must take the Corona vaccine or take a Corona examination on a weekly basis.

The ministry of education has opened schools for four days class education and two days away teaching excluding schools in the suburbs where no proper internet service is available and can head to schools six days a week.

The administration of Kirkuk issued a circular to all its departments to ban the unvaccinated from entry to state departmetns in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, extensively effective in government departments since the beginning of this week.

Iraqi ministry of health said 30% of targeted communities have been vaccinated as over seven million Iraqis received Covid 19 while the world races to curb Omicron new variant popped up South Africa.


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