German NGO Office set on fire

Kifri, January 28, 2022: All the rooms of German organization south of Sulaymaniyah was set on fire by unidentified person. KirkukNow

By Layla Ahmed in Kifri

The office building of a German non-governmental organization NGO was set on fire in south of Sulaymaniyah on Friday by unidentified person, local police said.

The fire occurred in HAUKARI e.V office located in the Police neighborhood of Kifri District, at 3:00 am Baghdad time (GMT+3).

Hunar Fakhruddin Ahmed, project officer of HAUKARI e.V, said, "the building was completely burnt, except for one room, and all office equipment and equipment such as computers, printers and sofa chairs were burnt."

"The office building is located close to the civil defense in Kifri yet the entire building has burnt except for one room before the fire was put out."

"We came up with clues that lead us to the perpetrator, which we reported to the police and security forces in the area, and we are waiting for the results of the investigations," Hunar added.

"We demand that the perpetrators of the accident be revealed as soon as possible and referred to the judiciary."

We found clues that lead us to the perpetrator, which we reported to the police and security forces in the area

HAUKARI e.V, Association for International Cooperation, was founded in 1995 in Frankfurt/Main as a non-profit association in the field of international understanding and development cooperation.

The organization works in the areas of environment, youth, women and assistance to the displaced, in addition to implementing some projects related to archeology and assisting government institutions within the borders of the Garmian administration, especially in Kifri district.

"Our office was burned down by an unknown person. We found a lighter and an oil can at the scene... This person entered the office through a window and set the rooms on fire," Hunar said.

For his part, Garmian Police Information Officer, Ali Jamal Qadouri, told KirkukNow, "An unknown person stormed the office and set it on fire and then fled... We started our investigations to reveal the identity of the accused and arrest him."

"It is not yet clear why the office was set on fire, but the surveillance cameras of the organization's office showed a person driving a motorcycle, then entering the building and setting it on fire," Qadouri added.

Kifri is one of the districts located within the disputed territories under the Iraqi constitution, and administratively one of the districts of the Garmian administration within Sulaymaniyah Northern Province.

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