Mother and kid rescued while attempting to “commit suicide”

Kirkuk, July 4, 2022: Emergency police teams near the bridge where a woman tried to commit suicide by throwing herself and her child from the bridge. Exclusively to KirkukNow

By KirkukNow

A woman who tried to commit suicide with her kid by jumping from a pedestrian bridge in one of the slums of Kirkuk Northern Province have been rescued by the local emergency police teams.

The woman went to Kirkuk's Shorija neighborhood on Monday afternoon and tried to throw herself down with her child.

"We were informed by citizens that a woman was trying to commit suicide and her child by throwing herself on a pedestrian crossing bridge," a source in the emergency police told Kirkuk Now She and her child.”

We went to the scene and our teams managed to rescue the woman and her child

The team, led by Colonel Mazen Gharib, director of the Kirkuk emergency police, transferred the woman and her child to the Family and Child Protection Police after rescuing her.

According to KirkukNow follow up, the woman had social problems, so she tried to commit suicide yet she was regrated it following her rescue.

This is the third case of rescuing Kirkuk citizens from suicide attempts since last April.

On April 4, a 23-year-old girl was rescued while trying to commit suicide in a mall in Kirkuk. In the second case, a young man who also tried to commit suicide was rescued by Kirkuk police.

According to the statistics of the General Directorate of Police, 16 cases of suicide were registered in Kirkuk in the first six months of 2022, 11 of them were female and four were male, Lieutenant Amer Shuani, spokesman for Kirkuk police, told KirkukNow.

There have been 16 suicides in the last six months

The latest case was on June 30, when a 25-year-old girl was found hanging from a rope around her neck in her home in Wahid Huzairan neighborhood.

Nahidah Ali, a women's rights activist, said that most of the cases are due to domestic violence.

"Some other cases have been scripted and they say he suffered from mental illness and resorted to suicide... In fact, given his basic rights, no one will resort to suicide," she emphasized that suicide is not an option.

A statistic by mayor office of Shingal district, west of Ninewa province, shows 250 cases of suicide have been registered in the camps for internally displaced persons IDP since 2014, mostly women.

Over several years, many Iraqi families have suffered with mental health scars caused by past conflicts and economic hostilities, World Health Organization WHO said in a report about suicide in Iraq published in December 2020.

Various factors could contribute to rates of suicide in Iraq, WHO found out, including intimate partner problems, physical health conditions, financial challenges, and legal issues. Others are personal or family experiences of violence, for instance, child abuse, neglect, or family history of suicide and broader community conditions, such as high crime rates and violence.

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