90,000 families waiting for house-rebuilding reparation

Baghdad spends 19 billion dinars for Ninewa demolished houses

Ninewa, June 2022: Remains of the three-year war against ISIS in the old town of Mosul on the right bank. Ammar Aziz

By Ammar Aziz in Ninewa

The Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government has decided to spend 19.5 billion Iraqi Dinars IQD (13 million) to compensate the victims of Ninewa province and is scheduled to start distributing to the victims soon.

According to a letter signed by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance on July 28, the amount will be paid to compensate the people of the province whose houses were destructed due to the war against ISIS.

"The issuance of this decision by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance was one of our demands in the past," said Rafat Sammo, deputy governor of Ninewa for administrative affairs.

The issuance of this decision by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance was one of our demands

"The amount will be distributed to the victims by an administrative committee of Ninewa province as soon as possible," he said.

According to statistics previously published by KirkukNow, 250,000 houses in Mosul have been damaged or destroyed due to the fight against ISIS, some of which need $30,000 to rebuild and repair.

Compensation to the victims will be within the framework of the amendment to Law No. 20 of 2009, which will be evaluated by a committee. Then he will be paid the amount determined by the committee in exchange for the damage, which will cover first houses, then private service centers.

According to the law, the relatives of the dead and injured will be compensated for 2.5-5 million IQD plus a paid monthly pension.

About 90,000 civilians in Ninewa are trying to obtain compensation. According to the United Nations and the Iraqi government, six million people have been displaced since June 10, mostly from Ninewa. The ethnic and religious minorities of Mosul and most of Ninewa province faced killings, kidnappings, violence and displacement.

An estimated 7-8 million tons of debris were created by the fighting, mainly in the Old City on the banks of the Tigris River, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said in May 2021.

 “The (UNEP) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are joining forces with Mosul Municipality – with the support of Japan – to establish the city’s first debris recycling center,” as a circular solution to Mosul’s debris conflict is launched.

"About 30,000 transactions of people who have no problems have been sent to the relevant agencies and they are just waiting for money to receive compensation," Sammo, said in mid-July.

According to the statistics of the Ninewa local administration, the total amount of money needed to compensate the victims of the province is 137 billion dinars.

"So far, a small part of the victims has received the financial compensation, this amount will be distributed to the victims as soon as possible," Sammo said after the decision was issued.

So far, only a small number of victims have received financial compensation

So far, about 11,500 families in Ninewa province have received compensation. The last amount of money from the war damage compensation committee was in October 2021 and no other amount has been spent since then.

Ninewa is Iraq's second largest province, covering an area of ​​more than 33,000 square kilometers and consisting of 31 administrative units, with a population of more than four million people. The province fell to the hands of ISIS in June 2014 and was liberated end of 2017.

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