Key suspect is father who fled town, police says

Iman killed wearing school uniform

By Amirali Mirhashemian for

By Layla Ahmed in Kifri

Iman Ahmad was attending the fifth lesson when her father went to her school and took her home saying they have guests and she has to help at home, but upon arrival and before changing his school uniform, she was shot twice in the breast.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of Monday, October 17, 2022, in the neighborhood of Shorta in the central district of Kifri, according to the relatives of the girl student, confirmed by the directorate for combating domestic violence which said the father is the main suspect.

Iman was 14-years-old, student of grade seven at Sirwan School of Kifri.

“Today (Monday) in the fifth lesson, her father went to bring Iman home from school. He was so in a hurry that he did not let my daughter bring her bag. When they arrived home, he immediately killed her,” said KAziwa Assi, mother of Iman and ex wife of the key suspect.

She said when she arrived at the scene and "saw a bullet in my daughter's chest, fainted.”

Iman's mother, 36, has been separated from her husband for more than a year and has been officially divorced for more than a month due to domestic problems.

The United nations, NGos advocating for women's rights and civic activists show grace concern over honor killings, femicide and domestic violence against women in Iraq.

Since the beginning of this year, several women and girls have been killed in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region IKR under the excuse of "honor or social problems", including Eman (Maria) Sami (20 years), who was killed by her brother in Erbil, and Shinyar Anwar (21 years), who was killed by her husband in Sulaymaniyah.

Bahar Ali, the supervisor of the Kurdistan Women's Alliance, a front that includes a number of organizations defending women's rights, told KirkukNow last March 16 women were killed in the first quarter of current year.

Statistics from the General Directorate for Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence indicate that 24 women were killed in the IKR last year, in addition to the registration of 62 cases of "suicide" and more than 78 cases of "self-immolation."

According to official statistics, more than 300 women have been killed in the Kurdistan Region since 2015 up today.

In the fifth lesson, his father went to bring Iman home from school and killed him

Colonel Ayub Hussein, spokesman for the directorate for combating family violence in Garmian, told KirkukNow that Iman's father went to school and brought her back home.

According to preliminary investigations, witnesses and relatives of the girl, Iman's father's house was empty since the incident, because his second wife returned to her parents’, while her sisters and brothers were all at school.

"A Kalashnikov and casings were found at the scene, but the house was empty. Neither Iman's step mother, father nor brothers and sisters were there," Hussein said.

Iman is the eldest daughter and second child of her family. She has three sisters and two brothers.

“My husband was very rude so I divorced. He even cheated on me. Then he married again and wasn't spending on me and my children, so I decided to give them back to him,” Iman's mother desperately told KirkukNow over the phone.

“My children would come to me and stay overnight. My daughter said her father didn't love them. Their father was very bad with them.”

A Kalashnikov and casings were found at the scene but the house was empty

KirkukNow tried yet could not get any information from the girl's father or relatives.

According to police investigations, Iman's father is wanted as the main suspect but has not been arrested yet.

"The girl's body has bullet marks on her body. Her father has fled. We suspect that he killed her and he is the perpetrator but has not been arrested yet," Garmian police spokesman Ali Jamal told KirkukNow.

The case has been sent to the anti-violence because the problem is family and previously the case was with them, as the parents of the deceased girl had a dispute between them, he added.

Iman's father, 37, has been sued three times, twice by his ex-wife and once by his daughter Iman.

“Iman's mother had filed two complaints against her husband on charges of betrayal, for which he was in prison for some time. Two weeks ago, Iman came with her grandfather and filed a complaint against her father and step-mother for beating her and violence,” according to Colonel Ayub Hassan.

The spokesman for the directorate for combating family violence in Garmian said Iman's father was arrested on the complaint, but his daughter forgave him and dropped the charges.

Iman filed a complaint against her father and step-mother two weeks ago, for beating and violence

Iman's body was taken to the forensic medical examination today for burial in Kifri.

“My daughter Iman came to me earlier and cried and said grandfather, I can't stand my father anymore because he beats me a lot, causes me problems and doesn't spend money,” said Aasi Mohammed, Iman's grandfather.

"My daughter-in-law forgave her father and he was released from prison. A week later, we were informed today that he had killed her inside their house," Aasi added.

Iman's mother insists on arrest of her ex-husband and vowed to file a complaint.

"My eldest son said, 'Mom, when I came back from school, witnesses said there was a shooting at your house and your father ran away. Later it turned out that his sister was shot dead,” the mother sobbed.

In the Kurdistan Region, the murder of girls and women is dealt with under Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which carries a penalty of life imprisonment to the death penalty, and the killers are not covered by any amnesty.

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