Mandali turned into district again

A girl wanders in one of the old neighborhoods of Mandali District. Hawry Azad

By KirkukNow

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced its agreement to re-create the Mandali district, with the aim of restoring life to the districts that "suffer from neglect," according to the ministry.

Mandali was transformed into a district in 1947 and is considered one of the oldest districts in Iraq, but after 40 years, specifically in 1987, it was converted again to a sub-district attached to Baladruz district of Siyala province.

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Planning, Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, announced in a statement published on Sunday, March 12, that the ministry agreed to turn Mandali into a district, with an emphasis on canceling the 1987 decision.

"The file of regeneration was studied, and the availability of planning standards in terms of the number of residents and prevailing economic activities, as well as the number of housing units and all the criteria that must be available in the district," al-Hindawi pointed out.

This step is to erase the bad effects that arose as a result of those decisions that were issued against the Faili Kurds in Mandali

"The decision came in line with Cabinet Resolution No. 426 of 2010, which includes removing the bad effects of previouse procedures against the city of Mandali and proceeding to raise its degree to a district as it was before 1987," he stressed.

Al-Hindawi's statement came after the Ministry of Planning sent a letter signed by Muhammad Tamim, Minister of Planning and Deputy Prime Minister, to the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the Governorates to re-create Mandali district.

The Ministry of Planning's letter, which was addressed to the Commission on March 9, stated that "the aim of this step is to restore life to Mandali, because it suffers from neglect despite the many possibilities available in it, and because it was damaged by the wars that took place in the region and forced its residents to flee."

"This step is to erase the bad effects that arose as a result of those decisions that were issued against the Faili Kurds in Mandali."

Faili Kurds are an ethnic group historically inhabiting both sides of the Zagros mountain range along the Iraq-Iran border, and can be considered a cross-border population. Today, the estimated 1.5 million Faili Kurds in Iraq live mainly in Baghdad, as well as the eastern parts of Diyala, Wasit, Missan and Basra governorates.

Mandali is one of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil and belongs to Diyala Governorate administratively. It is 93 km away from the city of Baquba, the center of Diyala Governorate. It is inhabited by a mixture of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.

Mandali borders Khanaqin district from the north, and lies on the border strip with Iran from the east, and Qazaniyah district, the center of Baladruz district, from the west.

In 1987 Mandali was a district, and Baladruz and Qazaniya sub-districts belonged to this district, then Baladruz was transformed into a district and Mandali became a district belonging to Baladruz district.

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