Policeman sentenced to six months in prison,

Kirkuk teacher: I have to pay five million dinars

Mohammed Jabari, a teacher, was tied to the bed of his wife whom died of Covid-19 at a Kirkuk hospital, July 2020. Photos taken from a video on social media

By KirkukNow in Kirkuk

The case of the teacher who was tied by police to the bed of his dead wife in a hospital of Kirkuk ended with the imprisonment of a policeman and in exchange for breaking a medical device, he must pay a fine of five million dinars.

The Court of Appeal in Kirkuk sentenced a policeman to six months in prison on Monday, May 8, 2023, on the complaint of the Kirkuki teacher Mohammed Jabari, according to article 331 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which deals with employees who act contrary to their duties.

KirkukNow has a copy of the court's decision, which gives Mohammed the right to seek compensation.

"A good investigation was conducted into the case and they saw that there was a lot of evidence and I have witnesses, so the accused was sentenced to six months in prison and they gave me the right to demand compensation," Jabari told KirkukNow.

Jabari's case dates back to July 12, 2020, when he had an argument with employees of Kirkuk General Hospital over the provision of oxygen to his wife, who was infected with coronavirus. He broke a ventilator and the police arrested him.

A day later, a video has gone viral, showing Jabari handcuffed to the hospital bed of his dead wife (Muna Ismail, 44), who was beaten, the incident ended with Muna's death in front of Mohammed.

The incident sparked protests on social media networks, pushing Jabari to file a complaint against a number of doctors and security personnel on charges of "negligence and violations", resulting in the arrest of an officer and three policemen of the Quriya Police Station and later released on bail. Only one policeman was sentenced to prison.

Video: Mohammed handcuffed to his wife’s bed, who has been receiving treatment in a hospital in Kirkuk.

“So far, I have not received any compensation from anyone,” Mohammed said. The price of the broken medical device (artificial respirator) was estimated at $110,0 Dinars have been reduced after appeal to five million Dinars ($3,500)

He asks for help so that “can pay for the hospital equipment.”

Kirkuk health department filed a complaint against Mohammed and the court sentenced him to six months in prison in June 2021, with the suspension of the sentence, in addition to a fine for breaking the medical device.

The decision was made under Article 477 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which deals with breaking and damaging public property.

“The Human Rights Commission will determine how and how much I should be compensated. We must determine the compensation with the commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission,” Mohammed said.

"I was forced to issue a death certificate for my husband despite lack of relevant documents for cause of death, which deprives her of some priviliges as an assistant director," he said.

Mohammed's wife has served for 20 years at the state-run Northern Gas Company and was mother of two children (Yusuf, 16, and Alan, 14).

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