Oldest IDP Leaves Duhok Camp back to Shingal (Sinjar)

Rawshe Qasim Hussein is 137 years old. Image by Ammar Aziz

By Ammar Aziz

The oldest displaced Ezidis (Yazidi) woman residing in one of the camps for the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region IKR few weeks ago returned to her home in the village of Dokri in the Sinuny sub-district of war-torn Shingal district of Nineveh Province.

Rawshe Qasim Hussein, 137-years-old, according to her civil status card, was born on July 1, 1887. She has got married twice and has been living with her grandchildren for nearly 10 years in the Kabartw IDP camp in Dohuk Northern Province.

Qasim Firas, one of Rawshe’s grandchildren, told KirkukNow, “She is very happy to return to her village, but her health condition has deteriorated for a while. She suffers from heart and lung problems and can no longer speak as before.”

Her house in the village was destroyed during attacks by the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS and was rebuilt with financial assistance from an international aid organization.

There are more than 600,000 IDPs in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region IKR, some of whom are distributed among 26 camps, mostly Ezidis from Nineveh Governorate, specifically Sinjar District.

Ezidis are an ethno-religious minority with over half a million population, mostly residing in Shingal and Shekhan districts.

In the wake of the attacks on Shingal and other areas of Ninewa province by ISIS, more than 350,000 Ezidis were displaced, 100,000 of whom migrated at the time outside Iraq. About 200,000 are still living in IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq KRI up today.

The extremist militants of IS kidnapped six thousand Yazidis accusing them of being heretics, the fate of nearly half of whom is still unknown, according to KRG statistics.

Shingal is suffering from destruction and multiple administrations, and these problems continue despite the restoration of the district from the control of ISIS militants.

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