Noor Overcomes Loss of Sight, Excelling at University, Achieving Media Dream

Images of Noor’s graduation from the Department of Mass Communication at the College of Arts, University of Mosul, Nineveh, June 2024. Ahmed Bulla

By Ahmad Bulla in Ninewa

Noor, the Mosulawi girl who lost her sight due to a childhood illness, and whose story was published by KirkukNow over two years ago, graduated first in her class at the university and was offered a job opportunity and support to complete her master’s studies.

Noor Hamid Ibrahim graduated from the Department of Mass Communication at the College of Arts, University of Mosul two weeks ago.

“After the news of my graduation was published on the (KirkukNow) page a few days ago, social networking sites circulated my story and re-published it, praising my great success in university studies,” Noor proudly told (KirkukNow).

She pointed out that the interaction with her story made the University of Noor in Mosul to offer her a job opportunity at the university. “The University also took it upon itself to provide all my needs and supplies to complete my master’s studies at any university I chose.”

Since her childhood, Noor had been afflicted with a disease that distorted the image of life in her eyes. She has been waiting with her family to reach the age that would allow her to undergo surgery outside Iraq to restore her sight yet did not know that the invasion of the city of Mosul by the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS in 2014 would prevent her from leaving and deprive her of her sight.

After retaking Mosul from the grip of ISIS, Noor joined the first radio station in the city to begin her radio career by presenting a program for creative people of determination. She gained the admiration of many people for her performance and good preparation. After a while, I was accepted into the Mass Communication Department at the College of Arts, University of Mosul.

Despite the hardships, Noor did not give up and let her loss of sight prevent her from continuing to achieve her dreams. She graduated first in her class in the Mass Communication Department.

“I received an excellent grade in all subjects and was first in the Mass Communication Department.”

Noor uses social networking sites daily and communicates with people through the Voice Over system designed for the unsighted and converting text into sound.

KirkukNow published a success story about Noor’s life two years ago.

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