Sixty thousand tons of Shingal farmers’ crops rescued from risk of loss

Kirkuk- Harvesting of wheat at one of the farms in the area  Photo: Karwan salhi

Ammar Aziz- Shingal

The local administration in Shingal has been able to rescue an estimated 60 thousand tons of wheat and barley crops harvested by farmers from loss after allocating a special area of about 11 donums in Sinune sub-district to receive and store these crops.

“We started work on the project a few weeks ago to provide a safe storage area for Shingal farmers’ crops in Sinune. The project is now complete and farmers can bring their crops starting from June 8th,” said Barakat Eesa, head of the Shingal directorate of agriculture.

The storage area has the capacity to take in 60 thousand tons of crops, according to Eesa Barakat.

The effort came after, farmers in Sinune and surrounding areas of Shingal, through KirkuNow, last month urged the government to save their crops from being lost due to the unavailability of a silo in the area.

The old silo in Shingal was heavily damaged during the war against the Islamic State (IS), which required 50 billion Iraqi dinars for rehabilitation.

Khairi Mesho, a local farmer from Shingal’s Zorava village earlier told KirkukNow that he had cultivated on 60 donums of land with wheat and barley crops; however he decided not to harvest his crops as he couldn’t find any place to store his produce.

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