Displaced families in Sharya Camp reel from power shortages amid soaring temperatures

A displaced child in one of Kirkuk’s IDP camps

Ammar Aziz- Duhok

Residents of an IDP camp, located in Duhok province, say they suffer from unbearable living conditions due to power shortages.

Sharya Camp, set up in 2014 for families fleeing the Islamic State group brutal campaign, is the 2nd largest camp in the province, housing over 17,000 displaced people.

According to settlers, the camp is provided with electricity for only 8 hours a day.

“Children and the elderly are most affected during the summer heat, especially as electricity is out for 16 hours,” said Salim Badal, a Sarya camp resident.

Some have bought small generators which they use to power their own tent’s appliances, while many others cannot afford to buy one.

Saeed Elyas, another IDP, said, “Other than the media outlets no one is inquiring about our living conditions here. My son got sick a few days ago, and when I took him to hospital, the doctor told me it was because of the hot weather, and that we should protect him from the heat.”

“How can I protect him from the heat? The camp is out of power since 7 in the morning and there are no gardens nearby where I could take them to,” he added.

Hakar Muhammd Amin, manager of Sharya camp indicated that a number of generators have been provided for the camp since March 2019 but they were unable to connect it to the camp’s underground electrical distribution system.

“We need to install utility poles so that we can supply the tents with power, but we don’t have them now”, says Hakar Muhammd Amin.

The power shortages have been affecting the Sharya IDP camp residents for over 5 years.

Salim Saeed, media director of Duhok governorate’s humanitarian affairs department told KirkukNow the operation of the generators should be handed to a contractor.


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