Kurdistan Region still hosts over one million IDPs and refugees

Shingal- A displaced Ezidi child overlooks the nearby IDP tents on Mount Shingal from the window    Photo: Ibrahim Shingali


A total of 1,040,365 individuals are still registered as internally displaces persons and refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan Region provinces, out of this number as many as 212 thousand people housed in IDP camps.

According to statistics published by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCCC), 792,915 individuals are registered as IDPs, while the number of refugees from Syria, Iran, Palestine and Turkey is estimated at 247 thousand individuals.

The JCCC report indicates that 212,903 IDPs are scattered in 29 camps in the Kurdistan Region provinces of Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimaniya.

During July, 2019 as many as 1,303 IDPs returned to their home areas, in turn, 748 people have arrived in camps.

The report estimates that US$ 3.8 million in funds per day is required to provide basic civic services for IDPs and refugees.

The majority of the IDPs (47%) are housed in Duhok, followed by Erbil (27%) and Sulaimaniyah (26%).

Nearly 40% of IDPs are Sunni Arabs, while 30% of them are Ezidis, 13% Christians and the remaining 10% are Turkmens, Shiites, Shabaks, Armenians and other minorities.

The JCCC has also indicated that 189 local and international NGOs, most of them based in Erbil, are operating as humanitarian partners in the Kurdistan Region.


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