Ninewa administration announces start of rehabilitation of 680 houses in Mosul

Municipal authorities clear rubble from Mosul's streets, 2019 Photo: District Commissioner's media office


Ninewa governor Mansour al-Mar’id, declared the start of work on the rehabilitation of 680 houses in the Mosul’s Old City, stressing the need to promote social reconciliation in the northern Iraqi province to overcome the negative effects of the Islamic State (IS)-era, which affected the entire population in Ninewa indiscriminately.

 "Engineering and technical teams of the municipalities of Ninewa, in cooperation with both a-Faw and al-Sa’ad Engineering companies, have embarked on the rehabilitation of 680 damaged houses damaged during the war against IS," Al-Mara’id said in an exclusive interview with KirkukNow.

He indicated that "the project will be completed in about eight months, adding that the project will include the removal of rubble from different parts of the Old City to encourage the return of displaced families to their home areas in the coming months."

"Nineveh needs joint efforts and social reconciliation to move forward with the rebuilding process in cooperation with international agencies and civil society organizations," he added.

 The governor of Ninewa emphasized that “the local administration, in coordination with the relevant authorities, is seeking ways to tackle the issue of hundreds of families of IS fighters currently housed in camps to pave the way for their re-integration into their communities."

"Ninewa with its diverse religious and ethnic components represents a mini Iraq, and that it is our responsibility to maintain its social fabric and restore ties between the citizens regardless of other ethnicity and religion," he concluded.


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