Kirkuk women seek foothold in security establishments

Kirkuk- Women launch campaign to demand enrollment in security services, September 11, 2019   Photo: Soran Muhammad

Soran Muhammad- Kirkuk

Women in Kirkuk have launched a campaign to demand a role within the security services of the multi-ethnic province.

The campaign which is being organized by the Iraqi Amal (Hope) Association is designed to pressure the Iraqi ministry of interior to admit women recruits to the security forces.

“In light of our belief in equal employment opportunity in accordance with the Iraqi constitution, and giving the fact that women in Kirkuk had offered great sacrifices due to ongoing armed conflicts, we believe the situation requires that women should be given the opportunity to enroll in the security forces,” a statement by the campaign organizers read.

“The goal is not only for women to be recruited, but is to enhance their role in bringing about stability and combating violence,” the statement added.

Campaign organizers stress that enrollment of women within the security establishment, specifically in community policing, will enable women to embody their capabilities and build trust in these establishments.

According to the Iraqi constitution has allowed the participation of women in the armed forces and security service, yet unlike other provinces no female security personnel have been appointed in Kirkuk.

Women often decline to disclose everything to male investigators

 The Amal Association, in its statement, calls on the ministry of interior to “allow women to join security services and serve as officers and detectives to play their role in promoting human rights in the province.”

Sirood Ahmed, head of the Amal Association’s Kirkuk office, speaking to KirkukNow, said, “We plan to meet Kirkuk administration officials in the few coming days to urge them to join the efforts. Kirkuk needs women, particularly in the investigation offices as more women rights violations are recorded every day.”

Meanwhile, Jwan Hassan, head of the Human rights, women and children affairs committee in the Kirkuk provincial council said “stereotyping has been an obstacle ahead of this right”, indicating that the existence of women investigators is crucial, as women often decline to disclose everything to male investigators.”

Jwan Hassan pledged full support the efforts of the Iraqi Amal Association.


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