Preparations for Iraq’s provincial elections underway despite continuing unrest

Iraq- Protester demands reshuffle of the electoral commission   Photo: Reuters

Soran Muhammad- Kirkuk

The Iraqi high elections commission emphasized that it is moving on with its preparations to hold the provincial in different parts of the country.

The process, which will also be held in the disputed province of Kirkuk, is set for April 1, 2020.

Rizgar Haji Muhammad, deputy head of the electoral commission’s council of commissioners, speaking to KirkukNow said, “the commission is continuing its measures and procedures to hold the elections as scheduled; so far 70% of the preparations have been completed.”

Protesters are calling for early elections, amendments to the election law of the council of representatives and the provincial councils, along with the dissolution of the electoral commission.

 “The commission has signed contracts with specialized companies to secure the requirements of the elections,” said Rizgar Haji Mohammed indicating that “the ongoing protests have not affected the work of the electoral commission.”

The ongoing protests have not affected the work of the electoral commission

Under the pressure of the anti-government protests, the Iraqi parliament last month voted to freeze the work of the provincial councils until next elections are held.

Meanwhile, Riad Al-Badran, spokesman to the High Elections Commission said that "the Commission has taken important steps within its preparations for the election process."

The last provincial elections were held in Iraq, except Kirkuk, in 2013.  The multi-ethnic groups of Kirkuk have been in disarray over the need to clean up electoral registers and normalizing the situation there prior to the elections.


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