Iraq: investigate the killings of journalists

Two assassinated journalists Ahmad Abdul Samad and Safa Ghali


Five international organizations call upon Adil Abdul Mahdi, the outgoing Iraqi prime minister, and the council of representative to investigate the killing of the two journalists, Ahamd Abdul Samad and Safa Jhali whom were killed after covering the social protests in Basrah on January 10.

In their statement, Free Press Unlimited, International Federation of Journalists, International Media Support, Media in Cooperation and Transition and CFI, Media Development demand the Iraqi government to provide resources needed for the investigation.

Ahmad Abdul Samad and Safa Jhali worked for Dijlah TV chaneel and “have been reporting on the protests and the repressive ways in which security forces had suppressed them” according to the statement.

The assassination of the two journalists in their car brought immense condemnations against the crime which led to an immediate crisis meeting by the minister of interior who sent an investigate team to Basrah to find the perperator(s).

The five organizations work to widen press work and freedom in the world and claim that “according to the local police they have evidence that might lead to the perpetrator(s).”

The statement indicates that the Iraqi government now has the opportunity to combat violence done against journalists.

KirkukNow is one of the partners of Free Press Unlimited in Iraq and both work to strengthen free press and create a healthy environment for journalism.

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