Sinjar court reopens after five years of closure

Nineveh, a main street in the center of Sinjar after its liberation from ISIS. Photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz- Nineveh

Supreme Judicial Council will reopen court in Sinjar after five years of closure, aiming at helping people with their marriage and compensations process.

Sinjar court is supposed to be reopened this week after years of closure. The court will be operating at the building of agricultural directorate as the original building of the court is destroyed.

Samir Adnan, a member of peace and coexistence committee of PM office, said, “after many attempts with the authority of the areas and with the help of Supreme Judicial Council and Nineveh Court, the decision to temporally open Sinjar court in the agricultural directorate building was made.

According to Adnan, this week the court will be reopened and people can process their marriage certificate and house documents as well as compensations for their loses. It will no longer be necessary to the people to go to Mosul court.

Sinjar district, located 120 km west Mosul, is under Nineveh province administration. It fell under the control of ISIS in August 2014 and was liberated from ISIS in late 2015, however, majority of the district’s directorates have not been reopened yet.

Fahid Hamid, Sinjar’s acting commissioner, said, “all the preparations have been done and 100 percent it will be reopened this week.”

Initially, the court will operate its works in the agricultural directorate’s building, he claimed, four rooms have been allocated to them with a judge and five employees.

Hamid explained that the ISIS attacks demolished the court’s building and it is yet to be rebuilt.

According to Sinjar district statistics, four directorates have reopened among twelve since the defeat of ISIS in the district.

“Reopening the court is the outcome of the Sinjar delegation who met Nineveh governor and reopening the court was one of their main requests… we hope that other demands will be met slowly and in a near future all the directorates will be back,” the commissioner said.

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