'ISIS' abducted seven persons in Qaratapa, Khanaqin

Khanaqin, security forces visit Ramazan Kakai village after landing of Katyusha rockets, October 15, 2019. Photo: Hawre Azad

Layla Ahmad- Khanaqin

Security committee of Qara Tapa subdistrict in Diyala province announced that seven persons were abducted at 6 p.m. on Thursday, January 30 and a person was killed in the incident.

The committee claims that ISIS militants have carried out the abduction.

A source in the committee, who wanted to remain anonymous, spoke to KirkukNow and said, “according to our information, ISIS carried out the kidnap. Initially, they sat up a checkpoint and later started shooting the cars until they stopped them. The shooting resulted in the death of a person who was a Turkmen having his child with him.

The gunmen had a car and later took another abductee’s car .

“Five of the abductees are from Qara Tapa, the other two are from Jalawla and Khanaqin,” the source added. Also, two of the abductees are students.

Mohammd Haji Omar, head of the Patriotic Kurdistan Union (PUK) committee in Qara Tapa, reaffirmed that the person killed was a Shia Turkmen and he was taking his child home from Kifri.

The abductees remain unknown

In the area were the abduction happened, there is merely one Iraqi Forces Brigade while, according to Haji Omar, there is 63 villages which require more forces to secure.

Occasionally, kidnapping and murders happen in Qara Tapa. Last November, two individuals were kidnapped in Narin Village. One was released in return for $ 60,000 and the other is still missing.

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