Surgical and childbirth departments opened in Sinjar hospital

Sinjar, Newly opened surgical department, February 2020. Photo: KirkukNow

ammar Aziz- Nineveh

Surgical department in Sinjar General Hospital reopened with French fund and initiative by Nadia Murad, the Yazidi Noble Peace Prize winner.

Opening surgical and childbirth sections were inaugurated yesterday with the presence of the French ambassador, Nineveh and Sinjar authorities.

French Ambassador, Nineveh and Sinjar authorities are inaugurating the surgical department

Dlshad Abdulla, general director of Sinjar hospital, said, “opening surgical and childbirth came after an initiative by Nadia Murad and French government’s fund to build them that took four months to be completed.”

Previously, women had to give birth in Duhok or other provinces but now with the reopening of these two sections, women can give birth in Sinjar.

“Surgery issues were solved, from now on, many types of surgeries will operate in Sinjar,” Abdulla stated.

Sinjar hospital building was devastated in the ISIS war from 2014 to 2015. With the return of IDPs, another building in the district has been used as a hospital.

Sinjar's general hopsital sign left with bullet holes

On the same day, building a 100-bed hospital, which will be funded by French Embassy, was launched.

“It will be built in the center of Sinjar and will be overseen by a mutual committee of Nineveh administration and French government. It is design has been done and its construction will start in the coming days,” continued Abdulla.

KirkukNow earlier reported that there is only three doctors and one ambulance in Sinjar and the general hospital has not been renovated while more than 30 thousand people have returned to the district.

Saeed Qassem, father of five children, said, “for the simplest disease, we have to visit Kurdistan Region’s cities. I have taken my daughter twice to Duhok and each time the cost was 500 thousand Iraqi Dinars ($415).”

“In Sinjar, we visit the hospital and they say doctors have not come. We have to wait for hours because they come from outside of Sinjar. For any checks and medicines, we have to get it out of Sinjar.”

Lack of health service delivery is not the only problem that the people of Sinjar suffer from, but also from lack of stability, reconstruction, general services which are the reason for thousands of Yazidis to remain displaced.

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